About Ryan

您好! I'm Ryan, a travel blogger, foodie, and credit card enthusiast. You're probably wondering how the blog name came about. I'm originally from Guangzhou, China – a town formerly known as Canton. The 'van' in Ryan van Canton is a Dutch touch, meaning 'from,' reflecting my connection to the beautiful town of Canton.

After spending a decade in the San Francisco Bay Area, I recently made the move to North Carolina for a new job. My passion for exploring the unknown and trying diverse local cuisines has led me on countless adventures.

The love for nature ignited during my first visit to Yosemite, discovering the vast national park system. Equipped with my newly acquired trusty Subaru, I covered 7500 miles in just under four months, exploring 3 national parks, 9 state parks, and endless landscapes. Relocating to North Carolina provided the chance to cross the country, immersing myself in the diverse offerings of America.

Amidst the travels and culinary delights, I found credit cards to be game-changers, offering perks and enabling award travel. Hence, my journey into becoming a credit card enthusiast, with blog posts planned to share insights with a wider audience.

The 23 States I've explored so far include CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, WY, MT, UT, AZ, NX, TX, LA, AL, GA, TN, SC, NC, VI, DC, MY, MA, NJ, and NY.

Internationally, my ventures so far include 9 countries and regions: The USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and counting.

As I've become adept at trip planning, I'm eager to share the process, itineraries, experiences, and results with you. Follow me on this blog and Instagram for a journey that's not just mine but yours to explore and enjoy!